My heart has so much sorrow every time I see the images, hear the anguish of parents’ cries, and sense the frustration of “Why” since the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas at Robb Elementary this past week. The fingers of blame pointing to make sense of it all only adds to the distress and exasperation of… Continue reading Heartaches

Cool Logo!

Had this logo designed a year and a half ago and wanted you all to see it because I’m getting tshirts made!


Yes, I keep hearing the song, “Back in the Saddle Again” by Gene Autry while typing this to you today. Love the line he uses that talks about being back in the saddle again, “out where a friend is a friend” and I’m hoping you all know how important you are to me even though… Continue reading Howdy!


So yes, I’ve been gone for awhile and have missed chatting with you. I would like to say that I was on an exotic sabbatical, or on a wonderful trip, but the truth is I was doing something I thought God wanted me to be involved in and then discovered that I was fighting someone… Continue reading Hello…..?

Be somebody’s Clarence.

Have you ever watched the movie, “It’s a wonderful Life “? You know, the old Christmas classic with Jimmy Stewart, where he gets a glimpse of what the world would be like if he hadn’t shown up in it? He ends up meeting an “Angel” named Clarence who takes him around some of his digs… Continue reading Be somebody’s Clarence.

When Bad Things Happen

Well, my day today is turning into the perfect day to write about this topic. One only has to look at the news, listen to the radio, or have a chat with a friend to see that life throws all of us some curve balls once in awhile, but I truly believe how you decide… Continue reading When Bad Things Happen

Woman of God

Boy, this whole becoming a woman of God thing can sometimes feel overwhelming! How do I do this? How do I do that? Should I do this? Should I do that? These are often the questions that role through my head before I embark on a new venture or even something as simple as starting… Continue reading Woman of God

Visions of Grandeur

Sorry, for the interruption of blogs. My husband and I were visiting family in Michigan for the wedding of our niece which helps fulfill a desire I have: I LOVE going to weddings! The wedding dress, the flowers, the music and the reception afterword. I’m even more excited realizing that my youngest son, and his… Continue reading Visions of Grandeur

Let Freedom Ring!

July 4th weekend is finally coming up and you can tell from all the frantic planning from shopping, mowing, baking, cooking, that everyone is exited about it. My “getting ready” entails a needed haircut and color along with a mani/pedi so I can look my Star Spangled best! Don’t even get me talking about the… Continue reading Let Freedom Ring!