Arrows for Your Quiver

Here I sit before the dreaded “blank piece of paper” which in current times has another name called, “The Blank Screen”! Thinking about the times before me and wanting to be equipped. You know….prepared, ready, poised. This actually isn’t done in a day, is it? We’ve all had to prepare holiday meals perhaps. Remember all… Continue reading Arrows for Your Quiver

Weeds, Ashes, and Dreams

I used to be a shy girl, never wanting to draw attention to myself. Always trying to blend in, assimilate, and go unnoticed. Think of being a leader instead of a follower? It’s downright astounding to people who know me now, but something must have happened between the third and fourth grade though because I… Continue reading Weeds, Ashes, and Dreams

Sound the Horn!

I’m wanting to let you know a little secret about me. You might not have known this, but I have a love for history. Wish I would have known this before I started down the path of everything to deal with Art, but it doesn’t come as a shock to me. It probably had its… Continue reading Sound the Horn!


It’s that time of year again that I especially love, FALL! I don’t know if it is the changing leaves that bring so much beauty for their final exit before winter, the remembrance of riding behind a tractor on cool fall evenings for a Hayride, or the scents of cinnamon, pumpkin, and campfires that get… Continue reading Covering

Resting in the Waiting

“Wait for it. “, “Be patient.”, “This might take a little while.” have never been popular phrases for most people. Unfortunately, this McDonald’s and Starbuck’s age of time really has a problem with waiting. It’s never been an enduring favorite pastime except when we were younger trying to stay out past our curfew. We won’t… Continue reading Resting in the Waiting

Can You Stand It? 1

Are you like me? There are so many things that can get me excited when I meditate and think upon my wonderful and awesome God, but there is one thing that easily quickens my heart rapidly and that’s when I study the armor of God. Think of it with me, this is something He has… Continue reading Can You Stand It? 1

Let ‘er Rip!

You might as well know I have a new song pumping through my system now, waiting for wrongs to be righted and victory to be undenied! It’s by Andrew Ripp and it’s called, “Rejoice”! This is a theme song for every weary, tired, and broken saint that may feel defeated and let’s face it, worn… Continue reading Let ‘er Rip!

Remind me

The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.Jeremiah 31:3 NIV This makes me think of all the times I walked away from God and did things my way. Did things my flesh wanted to do. Said things that I… Continue reading Remind me