Woman of God

Boy, this whole becoming a woman of God thing can sometimes feel overwhelming! How do I do this? How do I do that? Should I do this? Should I do that? These are often the questions that role through my head before I embark on a new venture or even something as simple as starting… Continue reading Woman of God

Visions of Grandeur

Sorry, for the interruption of blogs. My husband and I were visiting family in Michigan for the wedding of our niece which helps fulfill a desire I have: I LOVE going to weddings! The wedding dress, the flowers, the music and the reception afterword. I’m even more excited realizing that my youngest son, and his… Continue reading Visions of Grandeur

Let Freedom Ring!

July 4th weekend is finally coming up and you can tell from all the frantic planning from shopping, mowing, baking, cooking, that everyone is exited about it. My “getting ready” entails a needed haircut and color along with a mani/pedi so I can look my Star Spangled best! Don’t even get me talking about the… Continue reading Let Freedom Ring!

The Path Less Traveled

Ask, Seek, and Knock The following verses can be found in Matthew 7. God is telling us that all we have to do to get to know Him better is ask questions, look, and investigate. He isn’t trying to hide, He is wanting to be found, but I think we would all understand that He… Continue reading The Path Less Traveled


So, I don’t know if a lot of my Women Warriors just aren’t familiar with “Blogging”. Don’t feel bad, I wasn’t either until I started trying this. Just want to know if you find it helpful or interesting and the way they find this out on a blog is by hitting Like or by becoming… Continue reading Encouraging?


If you haven’t learned already through my writing, I try my best to have a positive, encouraging and upbeat mood….most of the time. Let’s admit it. Life happens and everything is challenged by the one who is against us. He is just waiting for the opportune time to strike, but he will NEVER have the… Continue reading Frustrated