Happy Mother’s Day!

Wanting to wish all of you special women a Happy Mother’s Day!

Keep in mind that there are many “Mothers” out there who might not have carried a child in their womb, but did in their heart! Think of all the aunts, cousins, sisters, daughters, teachers, care-givers, neighbors who have planted in your life and wore the badge of mothering in some capacity for you.

Know that the daily and yes, even hourly sacrifices you make do make a difference! It is no small thing to take care of our little ones who stay little in our hearts even after they have grown.

We don’t ever want to miss the opportunity to plant and invest when we can. It is such a small window in time when we have the attention of the wee ones, but don’t forget they hear, they see, and they feel all the things you do for them.

Most importantly, God knows and He hears your heart’s cry whether they are cries of joy, sorrow, loneliness, pain, broken heartedness, or thankfulness. He hears them all and not only knows, but understands.

I pray that He will be your strength and peace!

By slang3360

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and lover of the Lord.

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