So I start my blog and I’m pretty excited about the interest even though I feel I haven’t reached out to all the ladies I feel would be interested in this.

Praying that God will help me get the knowledge to learn this whole other “Word Press” program that is enabling me to reach out in the great unknown.

Assignment for today? Add another static page (the pages that will always be there for people to see) and figure out why my content isn’t showing completely on my Blog page. I Reached out for technical support, but told that the answer would be under the “premium” membership…alas, I just signed up for the middle one. :0(

Oh well, holding onto the fact that the Almighty maker of Heaven and Earth and yes, even the Internet will direct my path! Feel free to pray for me! :0)

Have a wonderful Easter everyone and if you are new to this walk, I pray that you will have the courage you need to just get up and go to where you already know God is leading you. Possibly from the friend that invited you or even His still small voice speaking and saying, “Welcome” go here!

By slang3360

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and lover of the Lord.

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