New Beginnings

So, started a website/blog for Women Warriors because God is wanting me to reach even more women for Him. I have been having small groups of women meet in my home for over ten years and it has been fulfilling, yet I hear His voice calling me to throw wide the net! ( a little fishing language there) :0)

This can be terrifying for me if I stop to let myself think about everything that this is going to entail.

The same old questions that have haunted me all my life as I’m sure they do yours: Am I enough? Will I be able to do this? Do I have the knowledge I need? Am I enough? Is anyone even interested? Do other people have these voices that nag and belittle them too? Is it just me? Do I need to be on medication?

I then hear His voice speaking to me on the inside calming me and building confidence: “Yes, you are enough because you have me on your side.”, “I know you are able. I will show you the way.”, “You can do this. Remember? I said ALL things are possible for him/her who believes!”

So I start typing, hoping and praying this reaches who else is like me; searching, wondering, looking for their purpose in this life.

By slang3360

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and lover of the Lord.

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